Getting Started with LinkedIn 7
Top 7 Reasons to Be on LinkedIn 8
Why LinkedIn Is Important for Your Job Search 10
How to Set Up a Basic Account 13
Take Action! 18
Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile 19
Making Connections 20
Search – Using Google 21
Edit / Enhance Your Profile 23
How to have a Profile that Stands out 29
Upload a Photo 31
Create Your Headline 34
Editing / Branding Your Headline 37
Writing Attention-Getting Headlines 38
Formulas for Writing an Effective LinkedIn Headline 40
An Enthusiastic Testimonial 46
LinkedIn Success Stories 48
Choose Skills 49
Describe Your Current and Past Positions 50
Writing Your Summary 51
Additional Summary Writing Tips 54
Upload Work Samples or Projects 57
Accomplishments 60
Add Courses 60
Complete your LinkedIn Profile. It is important! 64
Most Important 64
Job Search Specific Activities 65
Take Action! 65
Keyword Basics 65
What are keywords 66
Where can you find keywords? 66
How do you choose keywords? 67
Privacy 69
Changing Your Privacy Settings 72
Advanced Privacy Settings 72
Job Seeking Preferences 78
Choosing Communications Preferences in the Communications Settings 79
Read receipts and typing indicators 83
What to Do with Your LinkedIn Profile 84
Making Connections 87
Import Contacts 87
How to Import Contacts from Hotmail, Gmail,AOL, and Yahoo 88
How to Import Contacts from Other Email Applications 90
How to Search for Connections 92
Ways to Use Search Results 94
Get Introduced to Make Connections 96
How to Use Connect 98
More about Using InMails to Connect 99
Messages 99
How to Make Inroads with Invites 100
Take Action! 100
References for Building Credibility 103
Building Your Recommendation Base 104
The Recommendations Process 106
How to Handle Recommendations 109
Removing Recommendations 111
What to Do with Poor Recommendations 112
Leaving Recommendations 112
Formula for Writing LinkedIn Recommendations 112
Responding to Recommendation Requests 120
Take Action! 122
Finding Jobs Through Company Searches 123
Conducting Company Searches 127
Follow Companies 130
Take Action! 132
The Power of Groups 133
Groups You May Like 138
Leveraging the Power of Media 143
Rich Media 143
Final Thoughts 149
Nurture Local Connections 150
Leverage More Out of Company Information 150
Get to Know Hiring Managers 151
Consider Startups 152
Don’t Make These LinkedIn Mistakes 153
Don’t Dismiss LinkedIn as Something Only for People Who Are Looking for a New Job. 153
Don’t “Set it and Forget it.” 153
Don’t Forget to Explore the People Your Connections Know. 154
Don’t Be a Wallflower. 154
Don’t Be Selfish. 154
Don’t Wait for Others to find You. 154
Don’t Forget to Check Out “Daily Rundown”. 155
Don’t Restrict Your LinkedIn Networking to Online Only. 155
Don’t try to Connect with People Indiscriminately. 155
Resources to Make Your Job Search on LinkedIn Easier 157
Interview Readiness 157
Social Media Management 157
Engaging Profile 158

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